Work faster, smarter and easier with your temporary workers…

  • Send job offers directly to your temporary workers on their phones
  • Let your workers accept/decline job offers with a tap
  • Get in touch with your temporary workers with built-in instant messaging
  • Get the latest availability from your workers with no effort or chasing
  • Give you temporary workers real-time information on their bookings

Compatible with Voyager Infinity & VDQ!

TempNinja is a companion app for Infinity & VDQ! customers who want to stay even closer to their valuable workers.

TempNinja together with either VDQ! or Infinity facilitates:

– WhatsApp style ‘chat’ – direct with your temps

– Increased compliance levels

– Faster bookings

– Lower costs

– Smarter working

Stay ahead of the competition with the combined  solution.

Why don’t you take a look at how Voyager’s VDQ! and Infinity products can benefit your business? Request a free demonstration here.


There will be a cost of 30p per ‘billable worker’ per month + VAT which you can offset against your current call & SMS costs,

0 – 10,000
Users per month
Cost per user
10,001 +
Users per month
Cost per user

Estimate price

Total estimate

0.00per month

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